What to Expect

You will be asked to sit or lie on a bed. For the NCS, flat metal disc electrodes are attached to your skin with tape and gel. Several quick electrical pulses are given to the nerve. The time it takes for the muscle to contract in response to the electrical pulse is recorded. The same nerve on the other side of the body may be studied and compared. NCS studies take approximately 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on how many nerves are studied. For the EMG, a very thin, fine sterile needle is inserted into the muscle. The electrical activity of the muscle is seen on the computer. It will also be heard on a speaker. The EMG will take approximately 10-15 minutes. You may resume your normal activity after these procedures.

Patient Preparation

Do not apply lotions, oils or creams to the body (arms/legs/hands/feet) prior to the appointment. You may be asked to wear a hospital gown. Tell your doctor if you are taking any medications, have any bleeding problems or have a pacemaker.